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 Lotus Engineers and Contractors

Commit us to delight our clients by consistently meeting applicable client requirements and surpassing client expectation through Quality Construction, Timely completion and the most satisfying After Sales Service of General, Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Projects.

 Lotus Engineers and Contractors

– A dynamic group that has established itself in the field of Construction and we aim at ever increasing expertise and enterprise.

 We utilize state of the art technology in the execution of the projects to enhance speed, by which we save time and money. Our commitment to quality construction coupled with our experienced personnel keeps us on the cutting edge of the construction Industry.

Our growing reputation in providing excellent quality product, optimum resourcefulness & quick responsiveness is no accident. It has preceded and aligned from natural consequence of putting values to every hard work that has gone to the company since its existence. These include our Brief Understanding of our client’s requirement, our preparedness for Optimum Utilization of our resources and our approach to every project with overall project Accountability and its Ownership. Hence we believe this is why our Clients, Institutional Organization, Architects, Consultants and Suppliers have placed their trust and confidence on us and we ensure that the same support is extended by Lotus Engineers and Contractors(Kerala) Pvt. Ltd . Simply put, we think it’s a better way to build.

When we started in India as LOTUS, it was with the vision to replicate the success based on our core values of

  • Customer centric approach to business.
  • Great importance to Environment Health & Safety practices
  • To deliver and complete on time and at right quality.

These core values keep us in good stead and is appreciated by several Multi National Clients in Kerala by awarding us repeat orders.Our commitment to growth and passion to excel, led us to focus on infrastructure projects that are today, a core segment in Indian Construction industry.This Website is our channel to reach out to our customers, stakeholders, potential business partners and the public at large about our beliefs and value systems.We hope information provided hereunder convey the vision that we have for our corporation.